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Many businesses have a requirement to provide Internet access for visitors to their Offices. It can be very helpful to provide your visitors with a WiFi connection in the reception area or meeting rooms of your Offices. Many business people or customers visiting your business premises would welcome having an Internet connection to pick-up their email.  We have a lot of business from auto dealers and garages who want to provide Internet access to their customers while they are waiting.

The most common requirements we hear are:

Easy for a genuine visitor to use - No WEP or WPA key.
Secure - Visitors do not have access to Internal LAN.
Secure - Can't be used by neighbours or unauthorised persons.
Easy to set-up and administer.

Most business would not want visitors to have access to their Internal network. This can be archived with firewall rules or VLANs ( to prevent the traffic from the guest access points accessing the Internal networks. A more drastic measure is to have a separate Internet connection for the guest network so that the guest and Internal networks are physically segregated. 

Another consideration is the balance between making the system easy to use for guests while still having some control to prevent unauthorised use. One option would be to set-up WEP or WPA encryption on the guest  access point however this is not a popular option as you would have to tell the guests the WEP key or WPA password which can prove inconvenient and offers little in the way of individual user control or session logging,

The better solution is to have a "open" access point with some form of access control to prevent neighbours to your business or other unauthorised people from using your network.  

Guest WiFi with UseMyNet
The UseMyNet system provides an easy way to provide guest or visitor WiFi. UseMyNet is available as an "all-in-one" configured WiFi access point, or as firmware for the Linksys WRT54GL router or as a PC application. All versions let you set-up a stand-alone "open" WiFi network for visitors. Your guests and visitors are redirected to a landing page which can advertise your business. Visitors can optionally be asked to enter a security code before gaining Internet access and agree to your conditions of access.  The UseMyNet unit plugs into your internal network but has a built in firewall to prevent guests from accessing your internal network, only traffic out onto the Internet is allowed.

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