UseMyNet - Wi-Fi Hotspot System for your customers

Free or Paid - Simple Setup - No Monthly Fees - Instant download.
What is UseMyNet?

UseMyNet is software that is loaded onto a WiFi router turning the network into a managed public WiFi Hot Spot to provide guest wi-fi or customer internet access. It presents a guest with a business branded "landing page" before allowing general access to the internet. Depending upon the chosen set-up, users must either enter a unique code, click an "I agree" button or pay using an optional online payment method using a credit card or PayPal account.

How is it supplied?

UseMyNet offer both pre-congured routers shipped out "ready to go" or immediate firmware downloads for easy self-installation onto a common TP-Link or LinkSys WiFi router. For more sophisicated requirements it is also available as a VirtualBox® package to run on a PC or Server connected to an existing or proposed WiFi network.

Who uses it?

Coffee Shops, Small Hotels, BBs, Cafes, Pubs and Bars, Camp Sites, Garage Service Centers, Clinical out-patient services and so forth. The basic system can be used at any internet connected location where customer WiFi access is required within the normal coverage range of a standard WiFi router. System coverage can be extended with additional hardware.

  • Example"Splash" pages follow which you can create to suit your needs.
    A Splash page is where the customer must "login" when they first use your HotSpot.
  • First your customer connects to your WiFi
    You give it the business name they recognise
  • no password at this stage is required...
  • They then see your personalised login page.
  • This cafe issues ticket codes for internet access
  • codes can be complementary or charged for
  • This cafe allows "Free WiFi" with no code but then directs users to ....
  • it's facebook page.
    Customers see their page before accessing the rest of the internet
  • Finally there is the pay online
    Hotspot option with UseMyNet Pro
  • 3 different charging bands
    can be set as flexibly as you require
  • Users are taken to Paypal for payment ...
  • Then onto the websites of their choice.
What do the customers see?
  1. They connect to your WiFi without needing a pass-code
  2. They open their internet brower and see your own customised landing page  (with your business logo and offers as you wish)
  3. They select one of the options you have provided to grant them access. Either:
    1. Free access on an "I agree" button.
    2. Coded access using a unique code (paid for or unpaid)
    3. Coded access by entering a universal code
    4. Paid for access using PayPal
    5.  or any combination of the above.
  4. Each option can be restricted so for example free access can by limited to 20 minutes of 5MB - after which a paid option must be used for continued internet use.


Unlike most competitors there's no rental or revenue sharing, the system is self-contained and controlled by you.

Key Features

Self-contained. Easy Menu Interface for owner set-up and control.
Once installed the HotSpot access options, time and data limits and pricing can be amended via an easy browser based owner's menu. The Landing page can be edited from here and new access code tickets created or up-loaded in bulk.
Set Time and/or Traffic Limits on different categories of access.
You can set a maximum volume of traffic and/or time duration within 4 different code types and also on "free access" sessions (if allowed). You can place maximum on uncoded "free" access a user can have over a given period of time.
Session Listing
Keep track of the number of computers connected and the amount of traffic consumed by them (in megabytes).
Allow and control "Free" access via an "I Agree" login button alone.

A "White" ticket login code and limits can also be set for use by multple users.
"Free" access without any login code can optionally be allowed via an "I Agree" button.
You can place maximum on uncoded "free" access a user can have over a given period of time.

Personalised Login / Splash Page
Include your Logo, welcoming message current Special Offers, and terms of use.
Set Initial Website Redirect Page
After landing page login, customers can optionally be redirected to a website of your choice, for example your business website.



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